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Massage therapy at our office is provided only to patients that have a prescription from Dr. Loperfito or other physician. Unlike other massage facilities a person may not receive this service without a prescription.

Our massage therapists are State Licensed and perform their services under the direction of Dr. Loperfito. The treatment plan set by the doctor is designed to address specific conditions.

There are different types of massage therapy techniques used. For instance effleurage and/ or petrissage, and/ or tapotement
can be used for a variety of conditions.

For more information on massage in general: 
This fact sheet provides a general overview of massage therapy and suggests sources for additional information.


Physiotherapy is the use of devices (modalities) to treat a wide variety of conditions. We use moist heat, cold (cryo), ultrasound, mechanical traction/ pressure and muscle electric stim (EMS) to help the body heal. Not all treatments can be used for all patients or for all conditions. Only Dr. Loperfito or the attending physician can make that decision. Physiotherapy is NOT the same as physical therapy. Physical therapists can use the same modalities to treat patients. Physical therapy is a profession, while physiotherapy is a form of treatment.

At this office we use:

There are a variety of different chiropractic adjustment techniques. The traditional or osseous form is the noisy one. Some people do not like the sound of an adjustment. The popping or cracking is called an audible release. This is due to what we call a “cavitation” in the joint. It is basically a release of pressure that causes little gas bubbles to come out of “solution.” If you ever opened a new bottle of soda, you have seen this in action. The “fizz” in the joint has a popping sound, so to speak. The type of gas is nitrogen. This is the most common gas in the air we breathe. Oxygen makes up approximately 20 percent of our air.

The benefits of a chiropractic adjustment performed by a chiropractor are increased range of motion and stimulation of special nerves that sense motion. These nerves are called mechanoreceptors. They comprise part of our proprioceptive (position sense) abilities. But for those that don’t like the sound or have acute or other conditions, Dr.Loperfito uses many chiropractic adjustment techniques that are gentle and very effective. Some include hand held devices (e.g., Activator or Impulse).  They are considered "low force" or gentler adjusting devices. Although from a physics perspective the Force may equal that of a traditional adjustment but it feels lighter. And is safe for children, and those with osteopenia (decreased bone density) and other conditions that contraindicates osseous adjustments. Some people with advanced severe osteoporosis may receive even gentler treatment. The chiropractic adjustment technique is tailored to the patient.

Chiropractors may often hear "I can adjust myself." Just because someone can twist their back or neck to make noise, certainly does not mean they are performing a safe and effective chiropractic adjustment. It may feel better because increase in mobility and release of pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. However, without knowing the anatomy and the physics and neurology behind that maneuver, you may be harming yourself. The ability to use a knife or drill does not qualify one to perform surgery or treat dental caries. Please, no self-manipulation. Let an experienced chiropractor perform the chiropractic adjustment.

When you visit a chiropractor they may or may not perform a chiropractic adjustment on the first visit. As a chiropractor it is imperative that your condition is related to your spine or extremities and that a chiropractic adjustment is safe and appropriate. Therefore an examination is required. X-rays or other studies (not performed in this office) are needed. These studies are referred to diagnostic facilities that use digital x-ray. A medical radiologist will read your films. Dr. Loperfito will also review them. You will have them analyzed by both perspectives. The chiropractic adjustment will be based in part from those x-rays


A chiropractic adjustment is a controlled force in a specific direction on a specific bone or joint (junction between two bones) performed by chiropractors. This is the primary of all chiropractic treatments. The benefits of chiropractic adjustment treatments are many.

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