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We care about your health. Procedures to help prevent the spread of disease causing pathogens such as the Corona virus, and the disease it causes (COVID-19) are already in place at Dynamic Care, Inc.

Tables and equipment that are potentially exposed to the virus are sanitized for your safety. Sinks with soap and water, and hand sanitizer are available for use.

We are doing what we can to keep you safe. However each of us must exercise good judgment and disease prevention measures.

For your convenience below are important sites for more detailed information. Please read them thoroughly and check for updates on a routine basis.:

Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Resource page

Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Toolkit page 

CDC Cleaning and Disinfection

EPA Registered Disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 (a.k.a. COVID-19)

Please be safe and healthy. 

Dr. Loperfito